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Happy Birthday TorNAdo aka Ahmed

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  • Happy Birthday TorNAdo aka Ahmed

    Brother, i could not use a better word to describe you, Happy 21st birthday

    I want to wish you the best in life, Its funny and at the same time its amazing how our friendship grew up throughout the whole time we played,always wanted to be in the same party in CS, no matter if the "party maker" had a party ready for us ^^, always Master Level together.... I came to PandoraMU in S8, when someone introduced me to you and since then i knew that we had a lot of things in common, we never disagree in our choices, i think thats why people in game knows us as "Twins", You know you can always count on me in anything you need. Love you nab ^^

    Once again happy birthday, hope you had an amazing day with your family and friends
    Remember one thing: You are and will always be the BEST!

    SadicoDL aka Ernesto
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    OMG !!!!!!!!!!! I cannot say any word after this. Well, I would like to say that you are the best brother in the world. I never say that we are friend on game who asks me I always say that you are my real brother without hesitation because you are my twin. I wanna say thanks to kian who let me to know you. I met best guy and Beast dl. Your taught me that I can have brother, even f he is not in same country. Moreover you taught me that I can count on brother, even if I didn't see him. What I can say my twin, you are THE BEST, not me. You know that you can count on me too at anything. Actually, I cannnot write more than that, because I'll write till next year about us.We have same thinking, opinions, and testing even. Thank you best brother in the world. I'm saying to you again, I have you and hosa always.


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      happy birthday! wish you a lot of health ,luck ,happiness, pure love and kick that noobs

      p.s. miss duels with you and hosam
      ~ Ch0nsY /
      MuTiLaTe / Chonstaah / Flashy / ~