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New PandoraMU`s staff team introduction

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  • New PandoraMU`s staff team introduction

    Dear pandorians,

    I am proud to announce PandoraMU's new Staff team:

    Ragnaros as Head and Owner
    Aktaion (Toeter) as Team Leader
    Erick (Ahmed) as Event Master
    Arthas (Chance) as Rule Enforcer
    Horotic "anonymous" as overall advisor
    Forsaken (Drew), the sidekick

    We have decided not to keep it secret, we have nothing to hide, and are proud to be here for our players ;-)

    First of all I want to make clear that this team is formed by players that have chosen invest their time and best interest to improve this service.

    To make this work things will change on the server.... and this knife will cut both ways.

    * Our team will be active in events, which will be scheduled and planned
    * We are here to provide advice and in-game guidance for everyone who asks
    * We will NOT allow any form of disrespect behavior, rules must be followed as written on our forums
    * All staff members will be respected, keep in mind that we are here for you
    * Our team stands united, unbiased and open to improvements

    We strive so that every player in this community has their best time when they play here, we expect the same in return.

    For any game related question, please use the in-game mail or forum PM.
    Any decision we make, is not for open global discussions, if something is unclear and you need further explanation, use the above contact methods with confidence.

    With kind regards

    Pandora Staff team

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      Hello Pandorians,

      Want to introduce 2 new members of our staff team:

      Mjolnir ( Cooldevil ) and Dazzle ( SadicoDL )

      For both a warm welcome and they are at your service!!

      With kind regards,

      Pandora Staff team