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difficulty in loggin in games

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  • difficulty in loggin in games

    i just started playing pandoraMU 2 days ago and im having difficulty entering the game.
    everytime i press "game start", most of the times an error approaches and says something about
    code: 0xa0
    the remote server returned an error: (404) not found."

    sometimes it didnt happen, but it happens most of the times and it is really annoying.
    then when i succesfully enters the loading screen, then before the login screen there's always message:
    "you are disconnected from the server"
    it is so difficult even entering the game.

    i would be loved to have some solution from Pandorians or if i may say, from the Game Master himself.

    thank you.

    nb. im from singapore.

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    Are you on Windows 7 or XP? If yes, make sure you have all the latest updates and service packs, and update Internet Explorer to latest version.