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Server and Client Changelog

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    [May 24, 2015]

    - Stability and performance improvements
    - Old logs and general cleanup
    - Reboot required for server system updates
    - Fixed Life Stone HP


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      [September 26, 2015]

      8 Years Celebration setup:

      - Increased EXP to 888x for this weekend only
      - Increased Drop rate by 8.88% for this weekend only

      Client updates (run PandoraMU.exe required to update):
      - Re-enabled the anti-cheat
      - Fixed XP and Windows 10 disconnections
      - Fixed the .dll being detected as "virus" false-positive

      Server updates:
      - Performed full maintenance: database, server software and hardware, updates and cleanup
      - Reverted Siege Warfare time to 3:00 PM
      - Implemented ML EXP increase for Premium (same % increase as for the regular EXP)
      - Updated 2.5 wings system to be synced with client info
      - Fixed event AI for Crywolf event
      - Fixed lots of monster AI and attributes
      - Fixed ML EXP in Devil Square first wave
      - Added Acheron bosses AI support
      - Disabled Rena drop from Box of Heaven as it's no longer supported
      - Disabled Heart of Love drop, will be reserved for Valentine's Day events
      - Disabled Silver and Gold medal general drops, they will drop on scheduled events with better items

      Changes for a smoother, more fun and more retail orietend gameplay:

      - Added more eggs in Selupan event
      - Maximum level for base HP recovery system is now 380 instead of 100
      - Increased items drop rate from 33% to 50%
      - Increased Heart of Love drop rate while decreased its item drop rate
      - Increased Complex potions drop rate and decreased SD potion mix rate
      - Increased Splinter of Armor and Bless of Guardian drop rates and now drop from any CW mob
      - Increased Fenrir durability when worn by an Elf
      - Increased drop rate of ML ticket items for BC and DS
      - Decreased White Wizard invasion drop rates, was too easy to get rings
      - Decreased Claw of Beast drop rate
      - Decreased Zen drop rate and amounts to add value to Zen trades
      - Decreased DL pet items drop rate
      - Decreased Box of Heaven drop rate
      - Decreased Devil Square invitation items drop rate and mix rate
      - Decreased Blood Castle invitation items drop rate
      - Decreased Horn of Fenrir chaos mix rates by 20%
      - Decreased Fenrir repair success rate

      PvP changes:
      - Reverted the SD/HP damage ratio back to default (90:10)

      More recent updates and events will arrive these days, this is just something I wanted to apply long time ago, hope you guys like the changes.


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        [October 11, 2015]

        - Fixed user connection hanging


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          [August 14, 2016]

          - Technical bug fixes and speedy performance improvements
          - Improved cheat programs detection and optimized resource usage
          - Reduced the number of Anti-Virus false positives


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            [August 16, 2016]

            - Fixed compatibility for Windows XP and Windows 10
            - Fixed disconnects related to some Anti-Virus programs
            - More improvements on the Anti-Cheat, less false warnings


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              Pending Update Notes - Will applied during our Maintenance Window
              02 March, 01:00 ~ 02:00 (GMT) in the morning, after Crywolf Event.

              // Website and Forum
              - Fixed Store issues with displaying Ancient items (shouldn't be purchasable)
              - Fixed Accessories tab in the Store and enabled Level and +Option for Rings and Pendants
              * Previously purchased Rings and Pendants will be upgraded automatically
              - Removed duplicates of several items from the Store
              - General forum cleanup
              - Fixed and added more forum and website permissions for our Game Masters
              - Fixed Recruit a Friend rewards for multiple recruits
              - Enabled Voting and Vote Rewards (with monthly reward for top 10 voters)

              // Game Server
              - Added X Shop for both Valor and Pandora Points
              - Fixed Kundun and Selupan drop catalog
              - Fixed Pentagrams and Mithril Drops
              - Decreased Monster's damage in Swamp and Acheron
              - Fixed 2.5 Wings ingredients drops
              - Fixed BC/DS EXP issues
              - Fixed Golden Goblin spawn and enabled Summoning Books
              - Fixed more "stuck on map" issues, hopefully all of them
              - Fixed 2nd joining account on Event maps and Crywolf
              - Corrected Damage for Skills with ML improvements
              - Increased effect of Life Swell and Elf buffs
              - Increased damage for Elf, Summoner and Dark Wizard
              - Increased PK clearing difficulty, was waaay too easy

              // Staff
              - Due to the latest tensions in our community, Demi will no longer be active as a Game Master.