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Character involvements

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  • Character involvements

    I understand that many hours have been put in to testing all the characters and trying to balance the game. However this past week during castle siege I seen that the soul barrier bath expires fairly fast. Is there a possible chance by increasing the time before this buff wears out?

    also for SM and ELF also SUMMONER is there anyway we can get them more PVP involved . From my understanding if you are not a DL or BK or RF than you are used only to buff parties. Are used to love playing an SM but now I find that useless and castle siege besides the buff and the stun . Same with elfs they are strictly buffers would like to see some more damage increase on elfs. All around other characters more involved besides bk dl and rf. Feel free to comment below with your opinions and thoughts

    -Yours Truly
    Adoken's nab<3

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    well said

    Be fair, like Zack Fair. Always happy to help those in need!
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      This cant be possible with 32k stats build i think. If we have 60K points total (Like s6 Pandora), all chars will be in PvP. It was enjoyable..
      Last edited by Rare; 13th September 2017, 14:51. Reason: i dont remember it was 60k or 100k.