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  • To all GM (main)

    I think that I must to say something about yesterday's quarrel in the general chat with Demi.
    I am playing here from 2011 and today i see that this server changed radically. I realy like this new changes! Now every set is realy need to be collected, now every item with +Luck has weight and have interested in it players in new Pandora, and every Excellent item now become REALY EXCELLENT! Drop rate of Jewels is enough to have fun with upgrading sets and weapons (i like this moment in MU). Because of all this trade moment became more useful.
    And there is no demigods in fulexc set on server now!!
    It is really, really good!
    It is ideal balance as for me !

    This server will not die because of few peoples, who like to say this, just to attract atention to them.

    big THX for your work! Staying with you is great! And you have a realy good team! Take care of it and allways stay in one boat with them. The paradoxal truth for us (unsatisfied players too ) in that your team is more important than few players unsatisfied because of they lazy to lvl up. 2-3 unsatisfied players can't cause troubles for server, not like offended and misunderstood team.

    Sorry for my eng. im from Ukraine, tried to explain my feelings by simple words to you to understand. )


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    Sorry for offtopic, move it to "Testimonials please.