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I walk by Pandora lane with Toeter.....

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  • I walk by Pandora lane with Toeter.....

    My dear fellow Pandorians,

    There the server is on maintenance, it gave me some time to revieuw my life on pandora a bit

    This month i have 2 celebrations on Pandora, 9 years as a member and 5 years as GM of NewAge guild

    For all new Pandorians and the old who might know me that well, i come from Holland, almost 40 years old and have wife and 3 kids. Beside my family i work full time and i like to fish, work in the garden en beside all this i love to play on Pandora.

    9 years ago brought into Pandora by one of the oldest member here i started as SM named woogie. With only 3e wings and a simple sphinx set i started my journy on Pandora. With only 1 person i know it was hard to find my way in many new things there i became from a 0.97D server. Had no clue about exl sets, stats settings, guilds, ingame functions.... i felt a real noob^^

    In a short time i desided to ( or was asked ) join PkGodz leaded by P0w3r, and experienced my first castle siege. I had no idea what i must do, where to go or what my roll was, there i still wasnt known with names like mana shield and bennefits of pt`s at siege so i just followed the crowd and tasted first blood... i liked it!!

    I still was a loner as player and had the feeling it was a solo players game untill i met Alklin ( GM of <FU> guild ). The biggest change he made for me by started to pk me on arena and i tryed to kill him back ( no change ofcourse ). we started to talk and talk and talk till he offered me to join his guild <FU>. There i learned how important friends are and having a team.. loyalty.. ( ty Alklin, luz, thriller, Pastel, Naro, Bob, ..... ). I started here my BK Toeter and created my first Great Dragon set ;-) . good memory was also the ongoing pk fights in arena vs ACME ( ty DeeJay)

    After Alklin left the Pandora stage i learned what i called my teacher if it comes to be a good leader and respected GM. TY my friend Ryder ( may he rest in peace ) to take me into GODS ( quack quack ) where i met many good people!! Was an amazing and pro time where i learned how to play with to use skills... we dueled many many hours with Seppy, Jimmy, qosssh, Ryder. The sieges on GODS where the first i really started to see what can make the differents hwo you can winn or loose. Preparations, communications.... GODS was awsome..ty all ducks ( Ryder, seppy, jimmy, Geo, qosssh, Froster, Frang, Krimo, dron, neil, and many others )

    after 4 years of learning and started to know some players and saw the role as GM as an new challenge. and we had some amazing and also funny GM on Pandora.. Alklin (<FU>), Ryder(GODS), DeeJay(ACME), Astaroth (Justice ), P0w3r(PkGodz), FadeAway ( Watchmen ), Berto ( Veterans ), EFernal ( Equal ),Javie ( Happyday ), 3manuel (Warriors), VladTepes ( Romania ), Jason ( The Lords ),Teo ( Utopia ), Florin & Alexutzu ( Ganja ),UzKnow ( VNunited ), Jarredz ( Unholy ), Trailor ( NewKings ), Layback + Skedi+Bogdan ( Nuke ) , Chance ( Serenity ), drew ( WARFARE )

    From that moment NewAge was borned.I started with 1HPhero and Keee ( Best players for a great start, TY both.. ty Hero for all.. your support, help..and ongoing loyalty ) and soon many old friends ( jazz, partyrock, neil, mafia, maki ) joined up.
    After 1 few days i bumped into Snapit ( aka shitty / horotic ), never spoke a word with him but he had no guild
    so i asked if he would join..he said...sure why not and he still at my side. ( Ty Shitty for all the time you stood behind all my descisions and always was there when i could not )
    Slowly we grew into a good guild, with Core and Crowley... i saw them both 1e spot in arena guildless
    They wanted to join.. we made each other a promise.. i asked if they would stay and be loyal
    they asked me... grow strong and winn castle siege. We both kept our promises ;-) ty both

    In the years as GM of NewAge guild and Alliance i had the honor to meet so many good, funn, grazy and loyal
    players. Want to thank all of you .. i told you all before.. you as NewAge players make the differents
    you make us good and strong.. i just try to lead. With our rules as Funn, respect and loyalty we still standing
    and trying our best to keep all worth fighting.

    Teo, kenny, tim, kevin, anh, tomek, cris, fred, SQ, jinn, john, tan, and all other Utopian friends.. you completed us as team.
    So many chats between us Teo ...and looking for new and grazy tactics for siege.. learned a lot from you!!
    I am happy Utopia and NewAge once joined up in each other alliance and we still 1 team!!

    The rest of all NewAge players.. could not do this without you guys last 5 years
    Ty.. Hero, shitty, nunu, core, bas, neil, mafia, skuja, jazz, david, kris, velin, matt, william,
    theo, Partyrock, Kamil, Epectro, barry, clau, mihai, Eijkkiej , many, cezar and all other who came in..and played for us

    Berto and Chance and all Veterans + Serenity members ( ex 1337 ).. its an Honor to have you at my side again this season!!!!

    And ofcourse there are so many players i want to thank... list is so long. But some i should mention a few...Catala ( m8 ), loly, baha, hosa, layback, skedi ( ^^ ) , viktor, Sirbu, Uzknow, Seiren... we might always seems to "fight" against each other but respect and all rest who i might forgot ( getting old here )


    I want to thank you for giving us a place where we can meet, play, hang around, achieve things, make things
    Pandora community is like no other!! and you suplly it
    Pandora gives a balanced MU game.. like no other and you supply it!!
    I dont give a shit for all flamers wich have no clue waht you doing or can do
    Thks for all and what you provide us!! you made me and many other stay for many years
    and we keep coming back


    I saw many MM come and go.. some good some less.. but you all where part of MM staff team wich
    is a hard job to do. Thanks for all MM`s who where willing to spend time to hear a lot off
    bullshit from players wich no brains. Whole community shouls have more respect to all MM
    because there are only there to help.. try to answer all questions ( they dont know all )
    and support all and as much as they can!

    So Ty staff for all good work and hope more MM will come and help this community!

    some lines always will stick in mind:

    - Alklin ( while ks/kp spot in arena ) : ty for spot we will take over
    - UniBob : Hi i am Unibob and planning to distroy you all, a few years later.. Hi i am Unibob, i come in peace
    - GODS : Quack Quack ( round shield gang )
    - NickJason: Hellloooooo i ammmm NiiccckkkkkkJasssooon ( keyboards always seems to stick lol )
    - Nuke : #nukestyle

    so.... my last 9 years here as player and 5 years as GM. :-)

    As long Pandora is alive i be here.

    Cya all ingame and have funn all

    With regards

    Toeter / DrainZler / woogie / Ass2you
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    Credits to PartyRock
    Toeter BK / Woogie SM / Ass2you Elf / Drainzler DL

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    Wow, nice. Glad that this server have his long history. When i found Pandora server i never changed it since 2011.
    "Pandora gives a balanced MU game.. like no other".
    Like NO OTHER.


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      I wont hold it against you that I wasnt mentioned at all.. </3
      I do remember that I went through hard times against you and your fellow guildmates.
      Still, I want to thank you. As far as I remember you have always been around, even if it was mostly as my enemy.. But I love this server and i will never forget all the good times Ive had here, and Im sure ill remember your nickname forever aswell xD. It has been a pleasure playing with you.

      Thanks to everyone else as well that has made this the experience it has been. <3

      I look forward to making more memories with all of you.

      LaybacK (Ex-GM Nuke)
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        There's some concerning activity in my chest now, and it's not the Red Bull!

        I don't even know what to say... I think this is the most beautiful post I have ever read here.
        It triggered me so bad... in a good way.

        You guys are the best!


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          Beautiful presentation I you want as many nice events on Pandora


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            You are a real Pandora Legend!


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              yeah.... i miss that UniBob... nice post toeter


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                we are not calling u for nothing "Uncle Toe"
                my heart broke coz i am not mentioned too :P :P </3
                i remember u from the first day i started playing Pandora as enemy but also as the most respectful person in game.
                u always respect every single person in game and thats why i Respect u so much
                happy anniversary as Player of Pandora and as a Great GM.

                sorry for my bad english <3

                Regards.. Skedi/Finix (GM of NuKe)

                P.S sorry LaybacK but u are not Ex-GM no matter who got the possition of GM now NuKe doenst have just 1 GM since u and Bogdan are here <3
                BK: Finixx DL: Ghetto


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                  Originally posted by Turistas View Post
                  my heart broke coz i am not mentioned too :P :P </3
                  Originally posted by LaybacK View Post

                  I wont hold it against you that I wasnt mentioned at all.. </3
                  Hahhaa... how could i.. my apoligies for my down going brain benieth my bold headed skull :P

                  PS: adjusted ;-)
                  Credits to PartyRock
                  Toeter BK / Woogie SM / Ass2you Elf / Drainzler DL


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                    hah! your own fault for messing with me, now you stuck with this goof for a ...long time.

                    And now serious. You are living example - you don't need to be best in duels, strongest in CS or richest in guild/ally to be acknowledged as leader. The endless effort for guildies and community as whole is irreplaceable. Thank you for your time to us all and given chance to have fun.
                    Credits to PartyRock


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                      This is truly a great post, and makes for a welcomed change when compared to the latest /post rants.
                      Thank you Toe for taking me on that memory trip, Pandora truly feels as close to home as possible.
                      And, of course, thanks to the patient-yet-sassy Administrator who made all this possible


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                        Honored to be part of this history and amazing that we both have our 9 year anniversary this year, and yet we had 2 completely different pathways till this point. In the end we ended up in the same guild and I can't imagine it will be any different now. Thanks for being amazing Toe


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                          I want to tell you MASSIVE THANKS TO GUILD me in GODS. about 7-8 years ago ,when i was very noobie and to show me how's guild and friendsships works here! First lovely Guild GODS.
                          GODS will be always in first place in my heart!
                          thank you so much to give me that chance to get to know a lot of amazing people!
                          See you around

                          p.s. my time its runnin i have to make my tesstimonial soon .just want to upload few screens
                          ~ Ch0nsY /
                          MuTiLaTe / Chonstaah / Flashy / ~


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                            Cheers, my name is on your post ^_^. I'll still be around. Thanks Toe for being a great GM.